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Healthy Vending Machines

There was a time when employee wellness programs were viewed primarily as a recruitment tool, as a perk to help attract and retain talent. Programs such as employer-sponsored health club memberships, cholesterol screenings and smoking cessation counseling were generally perceived as worthwhile investments for those companies who could afford it. Today, with rapidly growing trend of more health and environmentally conscious society, organizations have begun to recognize that attending to the physical and emotional needs of their human resources makes good business sense. After all, companies are running leaner and meaner with fewer employees being asked to produce more. This rise in expectations has been accompanied by an increase in job-related stress and a reduction in down time while encouraging a number of unhealthy habits, from sedentary lifestyles to smoking to an increased consumption of fast foods.

Also, with the increasing impact of healthcare costs, companies are now seeking cost effective ways to keep their employees in good health. Nutrition affects health and life quality and can help in the prevention of most major health problems such as weight management, hypercholesterolemia, high blood pressure, etc. Despite growing awareness of the importance of healthy eating, with current faced-paced lifestyles, people are finding it harder to eat correctly. Now, you can offer a healthier alternative to your employees in the workplace without compromising taste and cost-effectiveness.

Healthy Vending USA is a vending management company which is committed to providing healthier, including natural and organic, snacks and beverages. We can assemble a customized healthy selection of products vended in a state-of-the-arts vending machines at no cost to you. Once a program is in place, our experienced and professional network of qualified vendors installs, maintains and service your vending needs at your various machines throughout the United States.

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