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About Us

Healthy Vending Machines USA

From our roots as an operator/servicer of vending machines throughout the New York Tri-State Area, Health Vending USA is a full-service national vending management company that is revolutionizing the vending industry by eliminating the unhealthy snacks and beverages that once defined it. By collaborating with our customers, we jointly assemble an exciting vending program that best fits their taste.

We pride ourselves in professional and adequate service to each machine. In fact, our state-of-the-art vending machines include cellular-based tracking devices, allowing us to monitor the products in each machine in real time and thereby insuring proper replenishment of the products, as necessary. In addition, we have transitioned to include in most our machines a touch screen, providing easily accessible nutritional information on each product.

Let us design a vending program that meets your healthier tastes!